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27 Whatsapp TV Links Worth Knowing 2023

Whatsapp TV Links has become a thing especially in Nigeria, it has been trending for over 2 years now especially for those who do whatsapp marketing.

It’s one of the most direct and effective channels of digital marketing using the power of mobile phones, imagine been able to get direct eyeball views to your ads

Whatsapp TV Links is a sure way to grow your business because, virtually everyone owns a mobile phone and are addicted to it, chances that your ads will not been seen using whatsapp status is low

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Let’s Dive In!!!

Whatsapp TV Links Write Up

Whatsapp TV Links can be used for virtually anything or any niche you want like:

  • Jokes
  • Education
  • Life Hacks
  • Entertainment
  • School Updates
  • Coaching
  • Product Sales
  • Sales & Marketing Funnels
  • Direct Marketing
  • Niche Specific Tips and so on

Having and growing a Whatsapp TV platform is good for every business and can be used as an alternative to email marketing especially in Nigeria where people are used to mobile phones

The number of people who own a mobile phone is 10 times more than those who own a computer or laptop, so it is only logical to engage the use of Mobile Marketing Channels like Whatsapp Marketing

On the other hand, Whatsapp TV or Television is a good platform for media practioners to earn a decent living, as we all know the traditional forms of marketing such as Television and Radio has ultimately faded away

From reliable sources, i can confirm that some Whatsapp TV owners in Nigeria are conveniently earning between 10k to 15k daily using their whatsapp status alone

Whatsapp Broadcast Link Lists

Here are some of the best whatsapp tv link platform you can join for your personal viewing or to run ads for your business

Zedduction TV: is a commercial WhatsApp account that regularly posts jokes, memes, and other entertaining content on its status. Please add by selecting this link.

P Bams TV: is the most popular business account on WhatsApp, and its status updates cover all aspect of football, from news and rumors to transfers and live score updates. Get targeted viewers for your website or social media page by advertising on WhatsApp TV. If you decide to join, you won’t regret it. Join by visiting this link

Wosh TV: is a business account for the entertainment industry that shares viral videos and memes on a daily basis. Typically, they give away rechargeable gift cards to their viewers. To sign up, just click here.

Ninja TV: share memes, videos, hookups, and freebies on Ninja TV on a daily basis. Get in on the action and subscribe to Ninja TV by clicking here.

PhazkidTech TV: this channel, features the latest tricks for free web surfing and technological developments. Come be a part of it by clicking here

Whine TV: this channel is notorious for its excessive airtime giveaways, earning it the nickname “Whine TV.” They share humorous content such as GIFs, images, and interesting facts. Sign up for this

ETV: offers the most up-to-date celebrity news, songs, anime, movies, hookups, and hacked applications. Join by clicking here!

Hilarious TV: Obviously from the name, Hilarious TV features comedic stuff such as twitter memes, humorous video clips, savage responses, and more. Join us by clicking here!

Jolly TV: is a general-interest account that features regular posts on a wide range of topics, including available jobs, dating advice, recipes, and funny TV shows. Check out Jolly TV right now!

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Jay TV: The content on Jay TV is intended for an adult audience only. Indulge in sexy tales, twerking videos, hookups, and mingling. A place where you can become a part of the family. Join Here

Starr TV: Follow this account if you’re into the newest news, WCW and MCM, free cash and airtime giveaways, relationship discussions, and more. Connect with Starr TV by clicking here.

Wisdom TV: A TV channel dedicated to imparting wisdom. Idle birthday greetings. Riddles. Puzzles. This new browser hack is the latest of its kind. quotes that serve to encourage and inspire. Brutal retorts. Disco, Hip Hop, and Wrestling (MCM, WCW). photos and videos that make you laugh out loud. Giveaway. Here’s your chance for daily amusement.

Official Dbilvibes Home of Entertainments TV: here at this channel, we work hard to ensure that you have something entertaining to look forward to every single day.

LXG TV: is a well-known company, and it’s one of the most-watched WhatsApp TVs in Nigeria. LXG TV focuses on providing photography services, such as for photoshoots and wedding videography, but they also provide other forms of entertainment.

To add some flavor, Victor Udochukwu, a drone bender, is a hard-working young man who provides Nigeria with the latest news and updates. Through the epidemic and up to the present day, LXG Whatsapp TV was the most reliable source of information via the messaging app in Nigeria and around the world.

If you want to know what’s going on in Nigeria and the rest of the world, you can receive it from the source with LXG TV.

The LXG Whatsapp TV number is 08060279624.

Pot TV: is the first WhastApp TV in Nigeria, and it’s become much more than that — one of the largest WhatsApp advertising firms in Nigeria.

Victor Ehindero, an entrepreneur from Ondo State, started the multi-million advertising agency.

Please call 08116503048 if you are a member of the media interested in interviewing Cannabis TV

Real-Time Reporting As the Whatsapp channel with the most views in Nigeria, WhatsApp TV takes the top spot on our chart.

Live Media TV: has an audience of roughly 15K viewers per day and offers excellent advertising rates.

Having a Whatsapp TV contact on your phone is a great way to spend some time and be entertained.

You’ll never be bored on This TV, thanks to the abundance of movies, memes, and gigs available there. TV is also a reliable source for current events and news updates in Nigeria and beyond.

Call 07031272406 for Live Media TV!

Lightup TV: If you’re looking for some good fun and entertainment, go no further than Light Up TV. Members can also access legitimate internet money-making possibilities through the TV.

Advertisers and businesspeople who want their products seen by more people frequently target LightUp TV because it is one of the best and most prominent TVs with the largest daily views.

In conclusion, the television has enormous giveaways every weekend and a weird confession night that will cheer you up.

For more information on LightUp TV, dial 09057934517.

Trendz Tv: With a focus on information, breaking news, memes, hookups, confession evenings, and a plethora of other topics, Trendz TV has quickly become one of Nigeria’s most popular television channels. It’s the first Whatsapp TV in Nigeria, and it has movie and music video reviews, all in one convenient package.

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Those curious about Nigeria’s education system or culture can also learn some fascinating information from the TV, which focuses particularly on this sector.

Education, in the eyes of Trendz TV, is more than just a means to an end; it is the end in and of itself. As such, our long-term goal is to establish ourselves as the web’s go-to authority on Nigeria, Nigerian educational institutions, and all things linked to Nigeria.

Undergraduates and those interested in the latest news about school curses alike can find all they need on Trendz TV. For students, it is the go-to WhatsApp TV.

Number 09121470689 for Trendz TV

Babafaros TV: When it comes to entertainment, gist, and ASUU strike/school Updates, Babafaros TV is my go-to Whatsapp TV channel. A famous and well-liked OAU student owns and operates the station (OAU).

By downloading Babafaros TV to your mobile device, you may stay abreast of the latest developments in the country, which may help you avoid wasting time or money.

With over 20,000 daily status views, Babafaros TV is one of the nicest TVs I’ve ever seen, and it’s a great place for advertisers and company owners to promote their products and services.

You can reach Babafaros TV at 08064189480.

Relatives TV: Besides providing entertainment, gist, and fun, Ancestor Whatsapp TV’s confession nights are a big part of the show’s appeal.

However, for a reasonable investment, you may get your commercials in front of the TV’s 11k daily viewers.

Relatives TV Channel Code: 09054945467

Jorra Media TV: One of West Africa’s most popular media platforms, Jorra Media, is also a WhatsApp TV that’s been experiencing rapid growth. If you want to attract more customers and keep people from getting bored at the same time, investing in a good TV is a must.

They upload hilarious memes, videos, and other content that you shouldn’t miss. Jorra Media should be on your list of potential entertainment channels if you’re looking for some good time.

Phone: 07032608355, which is the Jorra Media TV number

Jolly TV: is a Nigerian news and entertainment channel that features monthly giveaways, marital advice sessions, confessional nights, and a beauty pageant to crown the next face of Jolly TV.

With over 26,000 contacts and 7,000 daily page views, Jolly TV is more than just a WA TV; it’s an entertainment media platform that reimagines entertainment as a means of keeping you physically active while also brightening your mood.

Jolly TV is owned by a woman, which is only one of the many reasons why I think my audience would enjoy it.

Call Jolly on TV at 07041161668.

Sports Broadcast TV: If you’re a fan of soccer, you can’t afford to miss any of the action from the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Spanish League, or the Champions League on Today’s Sport TV.

These alerts are easily accessible on your mobile device.

You may reach today’s sports broadcasts on 09023569531.

Right Sports Channel TV: The latest football news, goals highlights, transfer news, fixtures and results, amusing football videos, and plenty more moments in football can all be found on Korrect Score TV, so football fans don’t have to constantly go to the watching station to watch their matches.

Your WhatsApp Status has full functionality. No need to waste time searching the web for soccer updates and highlight reels—you can find all you need right on your WhatsApp status*.

To reach the right sports channel, dial 08129138012.

Temmy TV: is a WhatsApp TV that has some of the top shows available. When feeling bored, turn on the TV for some amusing memes or the latest football scores to cheer you up.

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To contact Temmy on TV, dial 08140593545.

Fresh Update TV: Hardworking young man known as Gidi Banks owns and operates Fresh Update TV, an entertainment channel.

Music, entertainment, celebrity culture, and good times may all be found on television. Approximately 10,000 people watch Fresh Update TV every day, making it a prime location for advertising.

Call 07054248179 for the latest TV news update.

Gist Fans TV: is a blog and Whatsapp TV that covers the arts and entertainment. Fun memes, jokes, and other entertainment may be seen on the TV, and at least once a month, the network gives free airtime. Prices for advertising space are reasonable.

For more Gist, dial 08095459350.

How to Make Money Using Whatsapp TV

1. Create a whatsapp account and get a phone dedicated to this

2. Get and save a lot of contacts, you can do this by running facebook ads and offer free training on a specific topic or problem like How to Lose Weight Fast

3. Regularly engage your whatsapp list by posting useful content and answering questions

4. Start promoting your whatsapp marketing services to get businesses to place ads

5. Collect orders and place their ads on your status

If you are a business looking for the best Whatsapp TV to run ads on, then below is a list of the Whatsapp Broadcast Link Lists worth using for your marketing campaign

How to Get Whatsapp Links?

A WhatsApp link can be obtained through the use of a QR code for your account or by the distribution of your WhatsApp contact details. Learn how to generate a QR code for your WhatsApp profile by following these steps:

1. Launch WhatsApp, then select “Settings” from the main menu.
2. Select “QR Code” from the “Share Profile” menu.
3. The QR code for your WhatsApp account will appear, allowing you to easily distribute it.
4. In order to give out your WhatsApp number:
5. Launch WhatsApp, and then select “Settings.”
6. Select the sharing method you’d like to use by tapping “Share Profile” (e.g. Email, WhatsApp, etc)
Find the person in your address book who you’d like to alert.

Take note that in order to create the connections, you will need a WhatsApp account.

How to Link Whatsapp to Smart TV

WhatsApp can be connected to a Smart TV in a number of different methods, each tailored to the specific TV make and model in question. We can go a few ways:

If your TV supports screen mirroring (through Miracast or AirPlay), you can project your phone’s display onto the big screen and continue using WhatsApp there.

If your TV has a built-in Chromecast or you have a Chromecast dongle connected to your TV, you can mirror your smartphone’s WhatsApp screen on the big screen with the help of the Google Home app.

If you have a TV with a web browser, you can use WhatsApp Web by going to and scanning the QR code with your phone.

Fourth, WhatsApp is now available as an official app for smart TVs, which can be downloaded and installed on the TV itself.

Fifth, download a third-party program that bridges the gap between your phone and TV so you can use WhatsApp there.

Keep in mind that not all TVs support all of the above features, so it’s important to verify the TV’s and WhatsApp’s specifications for details on compatibility.

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