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Top 3 Whatsapp Bookmakers Worth Trying

To be clear, “WhatsApp bookies” are betting services that can be accessed directly within the WhatsApp app.

Bets on sporting events or casino games can be placed from within the WhatsApp conversation window.

Bookmakers, also known as betting providers, often feature pre-match and in-play wagering on a wide variety of sports and events.

In addition, they provide customers with a number of banking alternatives to make deposits and withdrawals.

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Let’s Dive In!!!

Whatsapp Bookmakers UK

When people in the UK talk about “WhatsApp bookmakers,” they’re referring to the bookies and other betting services that are available directly within the WhatsApp app.

The Gambling Commission oversees online gambling in the United Kingdom, making sure that all sites are legitimate and that their operators are licensed and adhering to all relevant regulations.

While WhatsApp does not actively discourage or promote gambling of any kind, users should exercise extreme caution when accessing gambling-related content on the platform, as the Gambling Commission does not oversee such content.

Note that only bookies and betting providers with a valid license from the UK’s Gambling Commission can legally offer their services to customers in the UK.

Before signing up for any kind of betting channel or service, it’s best to do some independent research, read some reviews, and find out what others have to say about the bookmaker’s reliability.

Knowing the various outcomes of online gambling is crucial, as is creating and sticking to a budget.

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3 Whatsapp Bookmakers You Can Use

1. Kalooki Sports Book: A bookmaker based in Kent that offers Whatsapp Betting option for placing bets easily and securely. They also offer competitive odds in most sports including:

  • Football and Horse Racing

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2. Macbet: Another UK bookmaker that offers whatsapp betting facility to it’s member. I read throug their Betting Using Whatsapp Rules page which says

Bets placed over WhatsApp or other messaging systems are recognized as legally enforceable contracts by both you and Maurice Charge Ltd, in accordance with s.335 of the Gambling Act of 2005.

This holds true regardless of whether or not your preferred mode of contact is prohibited by the service’s policies.

You agree that any wagers you place with Maurice Charge Ltd via WhatsApp are legitimate and binding under applicable law.

You agree that if you choose to bet with Maurice Charge Ltd by short message service (SMS) or WhatsApp, you may not get a ‘Bet Confirmed’ text confirmation before the commencement of the event.

If you have placed a bet and have not received a “Bet Confirmed” or similar SMS before the start of an event, it is your duty to check in with the office at 01920-144-444 before the start of the event to see if the bet has been received and approved.

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3. McCartan Bet: is another top notch bookmaker that allows it’s members or users place bets through whatsapp by simply texting their bets through to them and an automated response with your selections, odds and account balance will be sent

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What Is Whatsapp’s Position on Betting?

Note that utilizing a third-party app may be against WhatsApp’s terms of service, as the messaging service does not approve of or condone any type of gambling.

As a result, you should exercise extreme caution before utilizing any WhatsApp gambling software or service.

In addition, the legality of internet gambling depends on local regulations and may be prohibited in some areas.

The user must check local regulations to make sure their actions are legal when utilizing these services.


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